76 #4

Issue 1 comes out January 9th!  You can see if your shop has it and if they don't, violently demand why and threaten to pee on all their issues of anything 52 or Civil War related!  It's the '76 way.  Yay!

Newsarama '76 Interview Part 1 - Clay and I answer some questions and Clay is highly amusing. Also, pages.
Seth and Tigh do their thing in Part 2 and more pages!

CBR Interviews Clay: "Moore Gives Good Karma in '76"
Ain't It Cool News Cheap Shots digs our book! .. You gotta scroll down a bit to get to it, but they say a lot of nice things about us, woo!

Entertainment Weekly Online begrudgingly gave us a B+!  I don't have the link anymore, but they basically didn't like the book, despite admitting it was "well done" and that the four of us were "obviously talented".   *shrug*  Ya got me.

- Some newish pages from Tigh and myself posted in the last month or so

So, Happy Whatever Winter Celebration You Happen to be Enjoying, everyone!  I think to celebrate 2008 I'm gonna move this blog/LJ business to my proper edtadem.com domain and have it powered by Blogger again, like in the good old days of 2002/2003.  We'll see.  There'll be one last post to announce the move if I do.

Also, if you've read this far, and you care, there's been some crazy weird spike in hits the past week and I was wondering how y'all got here?  Just curious if I need to be thanking some famous website for accidentally linking me maybe.  Thanks in advance~
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Something I was messing around with earlier in the week.  Playing with a new brush or two I cobbled together.

Hey I just noticed the colors are like .. a pastel christmas.  Happy Festichrismahanukhwanzivus.  Back to work. or nap. or. or. or.  ... or.

Orororororororororororor. whhhhhhhhhhchk chkchkchka. waaaaah. chkchkchka.
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Life drawing from last night.  (and under the cut)

5 mins

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Thunder and Lightning

Very very frightening me.

Just getting over the flu.  The year never ends, does it?  Here's something I did a few weeks back. 

Before that literary periodical by the name of Wizard polluted my brain with Top 10 lists, the very first comic I bought with my own hard earned allowance was a Ron Frenz issue of Thor, featuring The THOR CORPS: Eric Masterson, Beta Ray Bill, and Dargo the future Thor.  It was and still is fan-freaking-tastic, and I still regularly look at the Ron Frenz issues I own because there's still things to be learned from them.   Everything from anatomy and acting to staging and storytelling...  it all still holds up.  I pulled 'em out again a couple days ago in fact. 

After my young impressionable mind discovered Wizard I started buying a bunch of typical 90's crap.  I still pull that stuff out too, but only out of morbid nostalgia.  If there is such a thing. 

Moral of the story kids: Wizard = Bad.  Ron Frenz + Thor = Good.
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Ever have those days where everything you do is complete and utter crap? I was an inking fiend all week and today I looked at what I'd done and decided it was crap. and then spent most of my time fixing things, but not really entirely sure if the fixes would even be any better...

anyway. here's a 2 minute study from a TV still.

ALSO. Please please please, if you're at all interested in purchasing '76 #1, it would be awesome if you asked your retailer to be sure they've ordered it.  ( ORDER CODE: NOV07 2010 ) I think orders for January are due in at the end of November...   And I hate to sound all whorey and junk, but because this is an Image book, we make money based on sales, there isn't a page-rate I'm getting paid or anything. That's the way the deal works.  So yeah.. uhm.  I need money to eat and stuff. 

To see what you can expect from '76, including interior pages and other neat thingies, there's the 76blog and I've made a thread over at the Drawing Board too.  Even if you hate my stuff, you might love Tigh's pages!  Hopefully you'll dig us both, coz we aim to please.  *jazz hands*
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Been a while since I've done this... some digipaint study stuff.. thing.  Hopefully I learned something I can use on the cover I'm still painting. XD  If the little mammary peeking out is offensive, let me know and I'll put it under a cut. 

and the ref.
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Messing around.  Did like, 5 minutes of stray sketching and most of the work in ink, also quick-fast-speedy-style.  Apart from some wonkiness (but then most of my work is wonky anyhow)....turned out ok, I think! 

Also, I just got back from the comic shop and my haul today makes me have faith in comics again:

Special Forces #1 -  Kyle Baker is brilliant.  If you've read "You Are Here" or any other of his books, you know this.  The cover has a rag-tag Police Academy vibe, but make no mistake, the message here is actually significant.  And the art is gorgeous, of course.

Jack of Fables #16 - Andrew Robinson fill-in, hell yes.

The Umbrella Academy #1 & #2 - finally got to check this out. facking brilliant comics.  brilliant.

ALSO.  Friends, influences and former pmayhem.com mates Christopher Comics Brunner and Rico Suave Renzi have a blog.  GO SEE FOR THE ENRICHMENT AND PLEASURE OF YOUR VISUAL CORTEX SENSORIES:
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or something.  still workin on that contrast/value thing that keeps eluding me.  working better in this one I theeenks. mebbe.  alsoooo got to see REgina SPEKTor on Tuesday.  good good times. 

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